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NAVE: Baal-hermon
EBD: Baal-hermon
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In Bible versions:

Baal-Hermon: TEV
a town on the slopes of Mount Hermon

possessor of destruction or of a thing cursed
Google Maps: Baal-hermon (33° 24´, 35° 51´)

Baal-hermon [EBD]

lord of Hermon. (1.) A city near Mount Hermon inhabited by the Ephraimites (1 Chr. 5:23). Probably identical with Baal-gad (Josh. 11:17).

(2.) A mountain east of Lebanon (Judg. 3:3). Probably it may be the same as Mount Hermon, or one of its three peaks.

Baal-hermon [NAVE]

1. A city near Mount Hermon, 1 Chr. 5:23.
Identical with Baal-gad, which see. 2. A mountain of Lebanon, Judg. 3:3.


BAAL-HERMON - ba'-al-hur'-mon ba`al chermon; Baal Ermon: Baalgad under Mount Hermon is described as "toward the sunrising" in Josh 13:5. If Mount Lebanon proper is here intended the reading may be taken as correct. But in Jdg 3:3 Baal-gad is replaced by Baal-hermon. One or the other must be due to a scribal error. The Baal-hermon of 1 Ch 5:23 lay somewhere East of the Jordan, near to Mount Hermon. It may possibly be identical with Banias.

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