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NAVE: Baal-hanan
EBD: Baal-hanan
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In Bible versions:

Baal-Hanan: TEV
son of Achbor; seventh of the kings of Edom
headman of King David's orchards in the Shephelah; a Gederite

Baal-hanan [EBD]

lord of grace. (1.) A king of Edom, son of Achbor (Gen. 36:38, 39; 1 Chr. 1:49, 50).

(2.) An overseer of "the olive trees and sycomore trees in the low plains" (the Shephelah) under David (1 Chr. 27:28).

Baal-hanan [NAVE]

1. A king of Edom, Gen. 36:38, 39; 1 Chr. 1:49, 50.
2. One of David's overseers, 1 Chr. 27:28.


BAAL-HANAN - ba-al-ha'-nan ba`al chanan, "the Lord is gracious"):

(1) A king of Edom (Gen 36:38 f; 1 Ch 1:49 f).

(2) A gardener in the service of David (1 Ch 27:28).

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