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HEBREW: 813 znkva '[email protected]
NAVE: Ashkenaz
EBD: Ashkenaz
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In Bible versions:

Askenaz: NET
son of Gomer son of Japheth son of Noah
a people of the northern shore of the Black Sea

a fire that spreads
Google Maps: Ashkenaz (40° 35´, 44° 35´)


Strongs #0813: znkva '[email protected]

Ashchenaz or Ashkenaz = "a man as sprinkled: fire as scattered"

1) a descendant of Japheth
2) a northern people, perhaps of Bithynia

813 'Ashknaz ash-ken-az'

of foreign origin; Ashkenaz, a Japhethite, also his

Ashkenaz [EBD]

one of the three sons of Gomer (Gen. 10:3), and founder of one of the tribes of the Japhetic race. They are mentioned in connection with Minni and Ararat, and hence their original seat must have been in Armenia (Jer. 51:27), probably near the Black Sea, which, from their founder, was first called Axenus, and afterwards the Euxine.

Ashkenaz [NAVE]

ASHKENAZ, called also Ashchenaz. Son of Gomer, Gen. 10:3; 1 Chr. 1:6.
Descendants of, Jer. 51:27.


(spreading fire), one of the three sons of Gomer, son of Japhet. (Genesis 10:3) We may probably recognize the tribe of Ashkenaz on the northern shore of Asia Minor in the name of Lake Ascanius, and in Europe in the name Scandia, Scandinavia . Knobel considers that Ashkenaz is to be identified with the German race.


ASHKENAZ - ash'-ke-naz ('ashkenaz): The name occurs in Gen 10:3; 1 Ch 16, in the list of the sons of Japheth as a son of Gomer. See TABLE OF NATIONS. It occurs also in Jer 51:27 (the King James Version "Ashchenaz") in connection with the kingdoms of Ararat and Minni, which suggests a location about Armenia.

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