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NAVE: Asahiah
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Asahiah [NAVE]

ASAHIAH, an officer of King Josiah, 2 Kin. 22:12-20; 2 Chr. 34:20-28.


(the Lord hath made), a servant of King Josiah, sent by him to seek information of Jehovah respecting the book of the law which Hilkiah found in the temple, (2 Kings 22:12,14) also called ASAIAH. (2 Chronicles 34:20) (B.C. 641.)


ASAHIAH - as-a-hi'-a (`asayah, "Yahweh hath made"; the King James Version form; the Revised Version (British and American) ASAIAH): "The king's servant" sent by Josiah with Hilkiah, the priest, and others to inquire of Yahweh concerning the words of the book found in the temple (2 Ki 22:12,14; 2 Ch 34:20).

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