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APPROVE - a-proov': This word, as ordinarily used, means "to entertain a favorable opinion concerning" (Ps 49:13; Lam 3:36). Its Biblical and archaic use conveys a much stronger meaning and is equivalent to its use in legal formalities of today, "to approve a bill," i.e. by some act, generally a signature, to express approval. In New Testament, a number of times, for Greek dokimazo, "to test, try, make proof of," and its derivative, dokimos, "tested," "tried." The word will, in almost every ease, imply that the proof is victoriously demonstrated, the proved is also approved, just as in English we speak of "tried men" (Trench, Greek Synonyms of New Testament). It is the word most frequently used for the testing of ores. That which does not stand the test is adokimos, "reprobate." Compare Jer 6:30 King James Version: "reprobate silver." That which stands the test is dokimos, "approved." "Salute Apelles the approved in Christ" (Rom 16:10); "they that are approved" (1 Cor 11:19); "Present thyself approved unto God" (2 Tim 2:15); when he hath been "approved" (Jas 1:12). See also Rom 14:18,22; 1 Thess 2:4.

H. E. Jacobs

Also see definition of "Approve" in Word Study

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