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APPEARANCE - a-per'-ans (mar'eh; chiefly used of the mystic and supernatural visions of Ezekiel and Daniel): A semblance, as of lightning, wheels, sapphire stone (Ezek 1:14,16,26); Gabriel's overpowering revelation (Dan 8:15; see also 10:6,18). In the New Testament refers exclusively, through three Greek words, prosopon, "sight," "countenance," to "outward appearance" (2 Cor 10:7 the King James Version); and its possibly deceptive nature: opsis, "Judge not according to appearance." (Jn 7:24); "them that glory in appearance." (2 Cor 5:12; compare 1 Sam 16:7). See also 1 Thess 2:22, the English Revised Version, margin (eidos = "sight").

Also see definition of "Appearance" in Word Study

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