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Apothecary [EBD]

rendered in the margin and the Revised Version "perfumer," in Ex. 30:25; 37:29; Eccl. 10:1. The holy oils and ointments were prepared by priests properly qualified for this office. The feminine plural form of the Hebrew word is rendered "confectionaries" in 1 Sam. 8:13.

Apothecary [NAVE]

APOTHECARY, See: Perfumer.


APOTHECARY - a-poth'-e-ka-ri: Found in English Versions of the Bible eight times in the Old Testament and Apocrypha for Hebrew word rendered more accurately "perfumer" by the Revised Version (British and American) in Ex 30:25,35; 37:29; Eccl 10:1; though inconsistently retained elsewhere (2 Ch 16:14 the English Revised Version; Neh 3:8 the English Revised Version (compare the margin)); Sirach 38:8; 49:1).


Also see definition of "Apothecary" in Word Study

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