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HEBREW: 6022 ysme `Amasay
NAVE: Amasai
EBD: Amasai
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In Bible versions:

son of Elkanah (Shaul/Joel Kohath Levi); father of Mahath
chief of 30 men of Judah and Benjamin who defected to David
a priest in David's time



Strongs #06022: ysme `Amasay

Amasai = "burdensome"

1) a warrior and chief of the captains of Judah and Benjamin who
joined David at Ziklag
2) a Kohathite Levite, father of Mahath and ancestor of Samuel
3) a priest who blew the trumpet before the ark
4) another Kohathite Levite in the reign of king Hezekiah of Judah

6022 `Amasay am-aw-sah'-ee

from 6006; burdensome; Amasai, the name of three
see HEBREW for 06006

Amasai [EBD]

burdensome. (1.) A Levite, son of Elkanah, of the ancestry of Samuel (1 Chr. 6:25, 35).

(2.) The leader of a body of men who joined David in the "stronghold," probably of Adullam (1 Chr. 12:18).

(3.) One of the priests appointed to precede the ark with blowing of trumpets on its removal from the house of Obed-edom (1 Chr. 15:24).

(4.) The father of a Levite, one of the two Kohathites who took a prominent part at the instance of Hezekiah in the cleansing of the temple (2 Chr. 29:12).

Amasai [NAVE]

1. A Levite and ancestor of Samuel, 1 Chr. 6:25, 35.
2. Leader of a body of men defects from Saul, who joined David, 1 Chr. 12:18.
3. A priest and trumpeter, 1 Chr. 15:24.
4. A Levite of the Kohathites, 2 Chr. 29:12.


  1. A Kohathite, father of Mahath and ancestor of Samuel (1 Chronicles 6:25,35)
  2. Chief of the captains of Judah and Benjamin, who deserted to David while an outlaw at Ziklag. (1 Chronicles 12:18) (B.C. 1060.)
  3. One of the priests who blew trumpets before the ark. (1 Chronicles 15:24)
  4. Another Kohathite, in the reign of Hezekiah. (2 Chronicles 29:12)


AMASAI - a-ma'-si (`amasay, perhaps rather to be read `ammishay; so Wellhausen, IJG, II, 24, n.2):

(1) A name in the genealogy of Kohath, son of Elkanah, a Levite of the Kohathite family (compare 1 Ch 6:25; 2 Ch 29:12).

(2) Chief of the captains who met David at Ziklag and tendered him their allegiance. Some have identified him with Amasa and others with Abishai, who is called Abshai in 1 Ch 11:20 m (compare 1 Ch 18:12). The difficulty is that neither Amasa nor Abishai occupied the rank of the chief of thirty according to the lists in 2 Sam 23 and 1 Ch 11, the rank to which David is supposed to have appointed into (compare 1 Ch 12:18).

(3) One of the trumpet-blowing priests who greeted David when he brought back the Ark of the Covenant (compare 1 Ch 15:24).

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