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In Bible versions:

first: NRSV NASB
a title of Jesus Christ


Strongs #1: a a

1) first letter of Greek alphabet
2) Christ is the Alpha to indicate that he is the beginning and the end

1 a al'-fah

of Hebrew origin; the first letter of the alphabet; figuratively, only
(from its use as a numeral) the first: -Alpha. Often used (usually
an, before a vowel) also in composition (as a contraction from 427) in
the sense of privation; so, in many words, beginning with this letter;
occasionally in the sense of union (as a contraction of 260).
see GREEK for 427
see GREEK for 260

Alpha [NAVE]

ALPHA, a title of Christ, Rev. 1:8, 11; 21:6; 22:13.
Compare Isa. 41:4; 44:6; 48:12.


(A), the first letter of the Greek alphabet. With Omega, the last letter, it is used in the Old Testament and in the New to express the eternity of God, as including both the beginning and the end. (Revelation 1:8,11; 21:6; 22;13; Isaiah 41:4; 44:6) hence these letters became a favorite symbol of the eternal divinity of our Lord, and were used for this purpose in connection with the cross, or the monogram of Christ (i.e. the first two letters, ch and r, of Christ?s name in Greek). Both Greeks and Hebrews employed the letters of the alphabet as numerals.


FIRST - furst ('echadh, ri'shon; proton, to proton, protos): Of these words, which are those most frequently used for "first," ri'shon is from rosh, "the head, and is used for the highest, chief, etc.; also of time, the beginning, e.g. Gen 8:13, in the first month"; in Isa 44:6; 48:12, it is used of Yahweh as Eternal and solely Supreme--the First and the Last (compare 41:4). Special usages are in connection with "firstborn," "first-fruit," etc.; proton is used of that which is first in order; but also of that which is first or chief in importance, etc. (Mt 6:33; Jas 3:17). In 1 Tim 1:15, Paul says Jesus came "to save sinners; of whom I am chief," literally, "first"; the same word is used by Jesus of the "first" of the commandments (Mk 12:29); where we read in 1 Cor 15:3, "I delivered unto you first of all," it is en protois ("in the foremost place"); "The first and the last" is applied to Christ as Eternal and Supreme (Rev 1:17; 2:8; 22:13); protos is "the first day" (Mt 26:17; Mk 16:9); in Mt 28:1; Mk 16:2; Lk 24:1; Jn 20:1,19; Acts 20:7, it is mia ("one").

W. L. Walker

Also see definition of "Alpha" in Word Study

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