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In Bible versions:

Almon-diblathaim: NET NRSV NASB
Almon-Diblathaim: AVS TEV
Almon Diblathaim: NIV
a town in Moab between Dibon and Nebo (OS)

hidden in a cluster of fig trees
Google Maps: Almon-diblathaim (31° 29´, 35° 46´)


Strongs #05963: hmytlbd Nmle `Almon [email protected]

Almon-diblathaim = "concealing the two cakes"

1) a station of the Israelites in the wilderness of Moab

5963 `Almon Diblathaymah al-mone' dib-law-thaw'-yem-aw

from the same as 5960 and the dual of 1690 (compare 1015)
with enclitic of direction; Almon towards Diblathajim;
Almon-Diblathajemah, a place in Moab: -Almon-dilathaim.
see HEBREW for 05960
see HEBREW for 01690
see HEBREW for 01015

Almon-Diblathaim [NAVE]

Camping place of Israelites, Num. 33:46, 47.
Probably identical with Beth-diblathaim, Jer. 48:22, and with Diblath, Ezek. 6:14.


ALMON-DIBLATHAIM - al'-mon-dib-la-tha'-im (`almon dibhlathayim, "Almon of the double cake of figs"): A station in the wilderness journeyings of the Israelites, located in Moab between Diban-gad and the mountains of Abarim (Nu 33:46,47). It was near the end of the forty years' wanderings. The name was probably given because the location was like two lumps of pressed figs. In both occurrences the word has the accusative ending of direction, and should properly be read: "Almon toward Diblathaim." It was probably the same place as Beth-diblathaim of Jer 48:22, mentioned in the prophet's oracle against Moab.

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