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HEBREW: 4610 Mybrqe hlem Ma`aleh `Aqrabbiym
NAVE: Akrabbim
EBD: Akrabbim
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Scorpion Ascent

In Bible versions:

Scorpion Ascent: NET
a mountain pass at south end of Dead Sea; Scorpion Pass

Google Maps: Akrabbim (30° 41´, 35° 15´)


Strongs #04610: Mybrqe hlem Ma`aleh `Aqrabbiym

Maaleh-acrabbim = "ascent of scorpions"

1) a pass on the southern border of Palestine
1a) scorpion-pass; ascent of Akrabbim

4610 Ma`aleh `Aqrabbiym mah-al-ay' ak-rab-beem'

from 4608 and (the plural of) 6137; Steep of Scorpions, a
place in the Desert:-Maaleh- accrabim, the ascent (going up)
of Akrabbim.
see HEBREW for 04608
see HEBREW for 06137

Akrabbim [EBD]

scorpions, probably the general name given to the ridge containing the pass between the south of the Dead Sea and Zin, es-Sufah, by which there is an ascent to the level of the land of Palestine. Scorpions are said to abound in this whole district, and hence the name (Num. 34:4). It is called "Maaleh-acrabbim" in Josh. 15:3, and "the ascent of Akrabbim" in Num. 34:4.

Akrabbim [NAVE]

AKRABBIM, a chain of hills in the south of Palestine, Num. 34:4; Josh. 15:3; Judg. 1:36.


(the ascent of , or the going up to); also MAALEH-ACRABBIM (the scorpion pass), A pass between the south end of the Dead Sea and Zin, forming one of the landmarks on the south boundary at once of Judah, (Joshua 15:3) and of the Holy Land. (Numbers 34:4) Also the boundary of the Amorites. (Judges 1:36) As to the name, scorpions abound in the whole of this district.


AKRABBIM - ak-rab'-im (once in the King James Version, Acrabbim (Josh 15:3); `aqrabbim, "scorpions"): Three times found (Nu 34:4; Josh 15:3; Jdg 1:36), and always with ma`aleh, "ascent" or "pass"; and so "Ascent of the Scorpions," an ascent at the Southwest point of the Dead Sea and a part of the boundary line between Judah and Edom. At this pass Judas Maccabeus won a victory over the Edomites (1 Macc 5:3), called in the King James Version, Arabattine.

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