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HEBREW: 293 Menyxa 'Achiyno`am
NAVE: Ahinoam
EBD: Ahinoam
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In Bible versions:

a woman; Saul's wife, daughter of Ahimaaz
a woman; David's wife from Jezreel

beauty of the brother; brother of motion


Strongs #0293: Menyxa 'Achiyno`am

Ahinoam = "my brother is delight"

1) wife of Saul, daughter of Ahimaaz
2) wife of David, mother of Amnon, a Jezreelitess

293 'Achiyno`am akh-ee-no'-am

from 251 and 5278; brother of pleasantness; Achinoam, the
name of two Israelitesses:-Ahinoam.
see HEBREW for 0251
see HEBREW for 05278

Ahinoam [EBD]

brother of pleasantness = pleasant. (1.) The daughter of Ahimaaz, and wife of Saul (1 Sam. 14:50).

(2.) A Jezreelitess, the first wife of David (1 Sam. 25:43; 27:3). She was the mother of Amnon (2 Sam. 3:2). (See 1 Sam. 30:5, 18; 2 Sam. 2:2.)

Ahinoam [NAVE]

1. Wife of king Saul, 1 Sam. 14:50.
2. Wife of king David, 1 Sam. 25:43; 27:3; 30:5, 18; 2 Sam. 3:2.


(brother of grace , i.e. gracious).
  1. The daughter of Ahimaaz and wife of Saul. (1 Samuel 14:50) (B.C. about 1090.)
  2. A native of Jezreel who was married to David during his wandering life. (1 Samuel 25:43) (B.C. 1060.) She lived with him and his other wife Abigail at the court of Achish, (1 Samuel 27:3) was taken prisoner with her by the Amalekites when they plundered Ziklag, (1 Samuel 30:5) but was rescued by David. (1 Samuel 30:18)


AHINOAM - a-hi-no'-am, a-hin'-o-am ('achino`am, "my brother is pleasantness"):

(1) Daughter of Ahimaaz, and wife of King Saul (1 Sam 14:50).

(2) The woman from Jezreel whom David married after Saul gave Michal to another husband. She and Abigail, the widow of Nabal, seem to have been David's only wives prior to the beginning of his reign in Hebron. His marriage to Abigail is mentioned first, with some details, followed by the statement, easily to be understood in the pluperfect, that he had previously married Ahinoam (1 Sam 25:39-44). Three times they are mentioned together, Ahinoam always first (1 Sam 27:3; 30:5; 2 Sam 2:2), and Ahinoam is the mother of David's first son and Abigail of his second (2 Sam 3:2; 1 Ch 3:1). Ahinoam's son was Amnon. The record really represents David's polygamy as a series of bids for political influence; the names of Amnon, Absalom, Adonijah suggest that the method was not finally a success.

Willis J. Beecher

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