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GREEK: 137 Ainwn Ainon
NAVE: Aenon
EBD: AEnon
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In Bible versions:

a place near Salim at the head of the valley of Shechem

a cloud; fountain; his eye
Google Maps: Aenon (32° 23´, 35° 32´)


Strongs #137: Ainwn Ainon

Aenon = "springs"

1) the name of a place "near to Salim" at which John baptised

137 Ainon ahee-nohn'

of Hebrew origin (a derivative of 5869, place of springs); �on, a
place in Palestine:-�on.
see GREEK for 5869

AEnon [EBD]

springs, a place near Salim where John baptized (John 3:23). It was probably near the upper source of the Wady Far'ah, an open valley extending from Mount Ebal to the Jordan. It is full of springs. A place has been found called 'Ainun, four miles north of the springs.

Aenon [NAVE]

See: Enon.


(springs) a place "near to Salim," at which John baptized. (John 3:23) It was evidently west of the Jordan, comp. (John 3:22) with John 3:26 and with John 1:28 And abounded in water. It is given in the Omomasticon as eight miles south of Scythopolis "near Salem and the Jordan."


AENON - e'-non (Ainon): The place where John was baptizing "because there was much water there" (Jn 3:23). It was on the west side of the Jordan, the place where John baptized at the first being on the east (Jn 1:28; 3:26; 10:40). We may be sure it was not in Samaritan territory. Eusebius, Onomasticon locates it 8 Roman miles South of Scythopolis (Beisan), this stretch of land on the west of the Jordan being then, not under Samaria, but under Scythopolis. Its position is defined by nearness to Salim. Various identifications have been suggested, the most probable being the springs near Umm el-`Amdan, which exactly suit the position indicated by Eusebius, Onomasticon.omforter, Helper, Greek Paraclete. Beyond doubt however, "advocate ' is the correct translation in the passage in the epistle. The same Greek word also occurs in the Gospel of John (14:16,26; 15:26; 16:7) referring not to Christ but to the Holy Spirit, to whom Christ refers as "another comforter" whom He will send from the Father. In the Gospel various functions are ascribed to the Spirit in relation to believers and unbelievers. The word in the Gospel is inadequately translated "Comforter." The Spirit according to these passages, is more than Comforter and more than Advocate.

See discussion under SALIM.

W. Ewing

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