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HEBREW: 5741 layrde `Adriy'el
NAVE: Adriel
EBD: Adriel
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In Bible versions:

a man of Abel-Meholah who married Saul's daughter Merab

the flock of God


Strongs #05741: layrde `Adriy'el

Adriel = "flock of God"

1) son of Barzillai, and the man to whom Saul gave his daughter Merab
in marriage although she was already promised to David

5741 `Adriy'el ad-ree-ale'

from 5739 and 410; flock of God; Adriel, an
see HEBREW for 05739
see HEBREW for 0410

Adriel [EBD]

flock of God, the son of Barzillai, the Meholathite, to whom Saul gave in marriage his daughter Merab (1 Sam. 18:19). The five sons that sprang from this union were put to death by the Gibeonites (2 Sam. 21:8, 9. Here it is said that Michal "brought up" [R.V., "bare"] these five sons, either that she treated them as if she had been their own mother, or that for "Michal" we should read "Merab," as in 1 Sam. 18:19).

Adriel [NAVE]

ADRIEL, Saul's son-in-law, 1 Sam. 18:19; 2 Sam. 21:8, 9.


(flock of God), son of Barzillai, to whom Saul gave his daughter Merab, although he had previously promised her to David. (1 Samuel 18:19) (B.C. about 1062.) His five sons were amongst the seven descendants of Saul whom David surrendered to the Gibeonites. (2 Samuel 21:8)


ADRIEL - a'-dri-el (`adhri'el, "my help is God"): The son of Barzillai the Meholathite, to whom Merab the daughter of King Saul was married when she should have been given to David (1 Sam 18:19; 2 Sam 21:8). "Michal" in 2 Sam 21:8 is a textual error easily accounted for Adriel and Merab had five sons, whom David handed over to the blood vengeance of the men of Gibeon. The name Adriel seems to be Aramaic, the equivalent of the Hebrew name Azriel.

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