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HEBREW: 5915 hoke `Akcah
NAVE: Achsah Acsah
EBD: Achsah
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In Bible versions:

Acsah: NET NIV
daughter of Caleb (Hezron Judah) and Maacah, Caleb's concubine

adorned; bursting the veil


Strongs #05915: hoke `Akcah

Achsah = "ankle chain" or "anklet"

1) the daughter of Caleb and wife of Caleb's brother Othniel to whom
she was given as a reward for capturing Debir

5915 `Akcah ak-saw'

feminine of 5914; anklet; Aksah, an Israelitess:-Achsah.
see HEBREW for 05914

Achsah [EBD]

anklet, Caleb's only daughter (1 Chr. 2:49). She was offered in marriage to the man who would lead an attack on the city of Debir, or Kirjath-sepher. This was done by Othniel (q.v.), who accordingly obtained her as his wife (Josh. 15:16-19; Judg. 1:9-15).

Achsah [NAVE]

ACHSAH, Caleb's daughter, Josh. 15:16-19; Judg. 1:9-13.
Called Achsa, 1 Chr. 2:49.

Acsah [NAVE]

See: Achsah.


(ankle-chain, anklet), daughter of Caleb. Her father promised her in marriage to whoever should take Debir. Othniel, her father?s younger brother, took that city, and accordingly received the hand of Achsah as his reward. Caleb added to her dowry the upper and lower springs. (B.C. 1450-1426.) (Joshua 15:15-19; Judges 1:11-15)


ACHSAH - ak'-sa (`akhchah; in some copies `akhca' in 1 Ch 2:49), "anklet"): The daughter of Caleb whom he gave in marriage to his younger kinsman Othniel the son of Kenaz, as a reward for smiting Kiriath-sepher (Josh 15:16 ff; Jdg 1:12 ff). Caleb, the narrative says, established Achsah in the South-country, and in addition, at her asking, gave her certain important springs of water--the "upper basins" and the "nether basins." Professor G. F. Moore identifies these with the groups of springs in Seit ed-Dilbeh (notes on Jdg in Polychrome Bible).

Willis J. Beecher

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