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HEBREW: 5907 rwbke `Akbowr
NAVE: Acbor Achbor
EBD: Achbor
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In Bible versions:

Acbor: NET NIV
the father of Baal Hanan, King of Edom
son of Micaiah/Micah of Josiah's time

a rat; bruising


Strongs #05907: rwbke `Akbowr

Achbor = "mouse"

1) father of king Baal-hanan of Edom
2) son of Michaiah and contemporary of king Josiah of Judah

5907 `Akbowr ak-bore'

probably for 5909; Akbor, the name of an Idumaean and of two
see HEBREW for 05909

Achbor [EBD]

gnawing = mouse. (1.) An Edomitish king (Gen. 36:38; 1 Chr. 1:49).

(2.) One of Josiah's officers sent to the prophetess Huldah to inquire regarding the newly-discovered book of the law (2 Kings 22:12, 14). He is also called Abdon (2 Chr. 34:20).

Acbor [NAVE]

See: Achbor.

Achbor [NAVE]

1. Father of King Baal-hanan, Gen. 36:39; 1 Chr. 1:49.
2. Or Abdon.
One of Josiah's courtiers, 2 Kin. 22:14; 2 Chr. 34:20.
3. Father of Elnathan, Jer. 26:22; 36:12, 25.


  1. Father of Baalhanan king of Edom. (Genesis 36:38,39; 1 Chronicles 1:49)
  2. Son of Michaiah, a contemporary of Josiah, (2 Kings 22:12,14; Jeremiah 26:22; 36:12) called ABDON in (2 Chronicles 34:20) (B.C. 623.)


ACHBOR - ak'-bor (`akhbor, "mouse"):

(1) The father of Baal-hanan, who was the seventh of the eight kings who reigned in Edom before there were kings in Israel (Gen 36:38,39; 1 Ch 1:49).

(2) The son of Micaiah (called in Chronicles Abdon the son of Micah) who went with Hilkiah the priest and other high officials, at the command of King Josiah, to consult Huldah the prophetess concerning the book that had been found (2 Ki 22:12,14; 2 Ch 34:20).

It may be presumed that this Achbor is also the man mentioned in Jer (26:22; 36:12) as the father of Elnathan, who went to Egypt for King Jehoiakim in order to procure the extradition of Uriah the prophet, and who protested against the burning of Baruch's roll.

Willis J. Beecher

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