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In Bible versions:

Aminadab: NRSV
a man descended from Perez; an ancestor of David and Jesus
A son of Ram; the father of Nahshon and an ancestor of Jesus
son of Ram (Judah); father of Nahshon, Moses' deputy over Judah
son of Kohath son of Levi
a man of Levi; head of the clan of Uzziel under David
a man who was an ancestor of Jesus

my people is liberal ( --> same as Amminadab)
my people is liberal ( --> same as Aminadab)


Strongs #284: Aminadab Aminadab

Amminadab = "one of the prince's people"

1) an ancestor of Christ

284 Aminadab am-ee-nad-ab'

of Hebrew origin (5992); Aminadab, an Israelite:-Aminadab.
see HEBREW for 05992


Strongs #05992: bdnyme `Ammiynadab

Amminadab = "my kinsman is noble"

1) son of Ram or Aram and father of Nahshon or Naasson and an ancestor of
Jesus; father-in-law of Aaron
2) a Kohathite Levite and chief of the sons of Uzziel
3) a Levite, son of Kohath; also 'Izhar'

5992 `Ammiynadab am-mee-naw-dawb'

from 5971 and 5068; people of liberality; Amminadab, the name
of four Israelites:-Amminadab.
see HEBREW for 05971
see HEBREW for 05068

Amminadab [EBD]

kindred of the prince. (1.) The father of Nahshon, who was chief of the tribe of Judah (Num. 1:7; 2:3; 7:12, 17; 10:14). His daughter Elisheba was married to Aaron (Ex. 6:23).

(2.) A son of Kohath, the second son of Levi (1 Chr. 6:22), called also Izhar (2, 18).

(3.) Chief of the 112 descendants of Uzziel the Levite (1 Chr. 15:10, 11).

Aminadab [NAVE]

See: Amminadab.

Amminadab [NAVE]

1. Father in law of Aaron, Ex. 6:23.
Father of Nahshon, Num. 1:7; 2:3.
Lineage of, Ruth 4:18-20; 1 Chr. 2:10; Matt. 1:4; Luke 3:33.
2. A son of Kohath, 1 Chr. 6:22.
3. A son of Uzziel, 1 Chr. 15:10, 11.


(one of the prince?s people).
  1. Son of Ram or Aram, and father of Nahshon, or NAASSON (as it is written) (Matthew 1:4; Luke 3:32); (Numbers 1:7; 2:3; Ruth 4:19,20; 1 Chronicles 2:10) One of the ancestors of Jesus Christ.
  2. The chief of the 112 sons of Uzziel, a Junior Levitical house of the family of the Kohathites. (Exodus 6:23; 1 Chronicles 15:10,11)
  3. In (1 Chronicles 6:22) Izhar, the son of Kohath, is called AMMINADIB; probably a clerical error.


(Used in the Revised Version for Aram in (Luke 3:33) and is probably another name or form of the name of Aram. [ARAM, 4])


ADMIN - ad'-min.



AMINADAB - a-min'-a-dab (Aminadab): the King James Version: Greek form of Amminadab (which see). Thus the Revised Version (British and American) (Mt 1:4; Lk 3:33).


AMMINADAB - a-min'-a-dab (`amminadhabh = "my people (or my kinsman) is generous or noble"): Three persons bearing this name are mentioned in the Old Testament.

(1) In Ruth 4:19,20 and 1 Ch 2:10 Amminadab is referred to as one of David's ancestors. He was the great-grandson of Perez, a son of Judah (Gen 38:29; 46:12) and the great-grandfather of Boaz, who again was the great-grandfather of David. Aaron's wife, Elisheba, was a daughter of Amminadab (Ex 6:23), while one of the sons, namely, Nahshon, occupied an important position in the Judah-clan (Nu 1:7; 2:3; 7:12; 10:14).

(2) In the first Book of Chronicles (1 Ch 6:22) Amminadab is mentioned as a son of Kohath (and therefore a grandson of Levi) and the father of Korah. But in other genealogical passages (Ex 6:18; Nu 3:19; 1 Ch 6:2) the sons of Kohath are Amram, Izhar, Hebron and Uzziel, and in two places (Ex 6:21; 1 Ch 6:38) Izhar is mentioned as the father of Korah.

(3) According to 1 Ch (15:10,11) Amminadab was the name of a priest who took part in the removal of the ark to Jerusalem. He was the son of Uzziel, and therefore a nephew of Amminadab, son of Kohath (= Izhar).

Thomas Lewis


ARNI - ar'-ni (Arnei, found only in Lk 3:33 the Revised Version (British and American), following Westcott and Hort, The New Testament in Greek): The name of an ancestor of Jesus Christ. But in the King James Version, following Textus Receptus of the New Testament, and in the genealogical list of Mt 13:4 the same person is called Aram (Greek: Aram) in both the King James Version and the Revised Version, margin. In Mt the Revised Version (British and American), however, the form is Ram, which is nearest to the Old Testament name Ram (ram, "high"). Ram was great-grandson of Judah and ancestor of David (Ruth 4:19; 1 Ch 2:9,10).

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