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TrachonitisTradeTradesTraditionTrafficTraffic, TraffickerTragacanthTrainTraitorTrampTranceTransfigurationTransfiguration, Mount OfTransfiguration, theTransformTransgressionTransitorinessTranslationTrapTravailTravellerTreacheryTreadTreasonTreasure citiesTreasure housesTreasure-housesTreasurecitiesTreasuryTreasury, (Of Temple)TreatyTreeTree of lifeTree of the knowledge of good and evilTrees, GoodlyTrees, ShadyTrees, ThickTrenchTres TabernaeTrespassTrespass offeringTrialTrial Of JesusTribeTribulationTributeTribute MoneyTricliniumTrimTrinityTrinity, 1Trinity, 2TripolisTriumphTriumphal Entry of JesusTriune ImmersionTroasTrogylliumTroopTroop, BandTrophiesTrophimusTroubleTroughTrowTruceTrucebkeakerTrumpetTrumpetsTrumpets, Feast ofTrustTrust, Breach OfTrusted Personal ServantTrusteeTruthTryphenaTryphena and TryphosaTryphonTryphosa

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