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Judges 11

Titles for Pericopes/Passages in Judges:

Judah Takes the Lead
Partial Success
Confrontation and Repentance at Bokim
The End of an Era
A Monotonous Cycle
A Divine Decision
Othniel: A Model Leader
Deceit, Assassination, and Deliverance
Deborah Summons Barak
Celebrating the Victory in Song
Oppression and Confrontation
Gideon Meets Some Visitors
Gideon Destroys the Altar
Gideon Summons an Army and Seeks Confirmation
Gideon Reduces the Ranks
Gideon Reassured of Victory
Gideon Routs the Enemy
Gideon Appeases the Ephraimites
Gideon Tracks Down the Midianite Kings
Gideon Rejects a Crown but Makes an Ephod
Gideon's Story Ends
Israel Returns to Baal-Worship
Abimelech Murders His Brothers
Jotham's Parable
God Fulfills Jotham's Curse
Stability Restored
The Lord's Patience Runs Short
An Outcast Becomes a General
Jephthah Gives a History Lesson
A Foolish Vow Spells Death for a Daughter
Civil Strife Mars the Victory
Order Restored
Samson's Birth
Samson's Unconsummated Marriage
Samson Versus the Philistines
Samson's Downfall
Samson's Death and Burial
Micah Makes His Own Religion
Micah Hires a Professional
The Tribe of Dan Finds an Inheritance
Sodom and Gomorrah Revisited
Civil War Breaks Out
600 Brides for 600 Brothers

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