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Deuteronomy 24

Titles for Pericopes/Passages in Deuteronomy:

The Covenant Setting
Events at Horeb
Instructions at Kadesh Barnea
Disobedience at Kadesh Barnea
Judgment at Kadesh Barnea
Unsuccessful Conquest of Canaan
The Journey from Kadesh Barnea to Moab
Instructions Concerning Ammon
Defeat of Sihon, King of Heshbon
Defeat of King Og of Bashan
Distribution of the Transjordanian Allotments
Instructions to the Transjordanian Tribes
Denial to Moses of the Promised Land
The Privileges of the Covenant
Reminder of the Horeb Covenant
The Nature of Israel's God
Threat and Blessing following Covenant Disobedience
The Uniqueness of Israel's God
The Narrative Concerning Cities of Refuge
The Setting and Introduction of the Covenant
The Opening Exhortation
The Ten Commandments
The Narrative of the Sinai Revelation and Israel's Response
Exhortation to Keep the Covenant Principles
The Essence of the Covenant Principles
Exhortation to Teach the Covenant Principles
Exhortation to Worship the Lord Exclusively
Exhortation to Obey the Lord Exclusively
Exhortation to Remember the Past
The Dispossession of Nonvassals
The Basis of Israel's Election
Promises of Good for Covenant Obedience
Exhortation to Destroy Canaanite Paganism
The Lord's Provision in the Desert
Exhortation to Remember That Blessing Comes from God
Theological Justification of the Conquest
The History of Israel's Stubbornness
Moses' Plea on Behalf of the Lord's Reputation
The Opportunity to Begin Again
Conclusion of the Historical Resume
An Exhortation to Love Both God and People
Reiteration of the Call to Obedience
The Abundance of the Land of Promise
Exhortation to Instruction and Obedience
Anticipation of a Blessing and Cursing Ceremony
The Central Sanctuary
Regulations for Profane Slaughter
The Sanctity of Blood
The Abomination of Pagan Gods
Idolatry and False Prophets
False Prophets in the Family
Punishment of Community Idolatry
The Holy and the Profane
The Offering of Tribute
Release for Debt Slaves
The Spirit of Liberality
Release of Debt Slaves
Giving God the Best
The Passover-Unleavened Bread Festival
The Festival of Weeks
The Festival of Temporary Shelters
Provision for Justice
Examples of Legal Cases
Appeal to a Higher Court
Provision for Kingship
Provision for Priests and Levites
Provision for Prophetism
Laws Concerning Manslaughter
Laws Concerning Witnesses
Laws Concerning War with Distant Enemies
Laws Concerning War with Canaanite Nations
Laws Concerning Unsolved Murder
Laws Concerning Wives
Laws Concerning Children
Disposition of a Criminal's Remains
Laws Concerning Preservation of Life
Illustrations of the Principle of Purity
Purity in the Marriage Relationship
Purity in Public Worship
Purity in Personal Hygiene
Purity in the Treatment of the Nonprivileged
Purity in Cultic Personnel
Respect for Others' Property
Respect for Human Dignity
Respect for the Sanctity of Others
Treatment of the Amalekites
Presentation of the First Fruits
Presentation of the Third-year Tithe
Narrative Interlude
The Assembly at Shechem
The Covenant Curses
The Covenant Blessings
Curses as Reversal of Blessings
Curses by Disease and Drought
Curses by Defeat and Deportation
The Curse of Reversed Status
The Curse of Military Siege
The Curse of Covenant Termination
Narrative Interlude
The Exodus, Wandering, and Conquest Reviewed
The Present Covenant Setting
The Results of Disobedience
The Results of Covenant Reaffirmation
Exhortation to Covenant Obedience
Succession of Moses by Joshua
The Deposit of the Covenant Text
The Commissioning of Joshua
Anticipation of Disobedience
Invocation of Witnesses
Israel's Rebellion
A Word of Judgment
The Weakness of Other Gods
The Vindication of the Lord
Narrative Interlude
Instructions about Moses' Death
Introduction to the Blessing of Moses
A Historical Review
Blessing on Reuben
Blessing on Judah
Blessing on Levi
Blessing on Benjamin
Blessing on Joseph
Blessing on Zebulun and Issachar
Blessing on Gad
Blessing on Dan
Blessing on Naphtali
Blessing on Asher
General Praise and Blessing
The Death of Moses
The Epitaph of Moses

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