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2 Samuel 5

Titles for Pericopes/Passages in 2 Samuel:

David Learns of the Deaths of Saul and Jonathan
David's Tribute to Saul and Jonathan
David is Anointed King
David's Army Clashes with the Army of Saul
Abner Defects to David's Camp
Abner Is Killed
Ish-bosheth is killed
David Is Anointed King Over Israel
David Occupies Jerusalem
Conflict with the Philistines
David Brings the Ark to Jerusalem
The Lord Establishes a Covenant with David
David Offers a Prayer to God
David Subjugates Nearby Nations
David's Cabinet
David Finds Mephibosheth
David and the Ammonites
David Commits Adultery with Bathsheba
Nathan the Prophet Confronts David
David's Forces Defeat the Ammonites
The Rape of Tamar
Absalom Has Amnon Put to Death
David Permits Absalom to Return to Jerusalem
Absalom Leads an Insurrection against David
David Flees from Jerusalem
David Receives Gifts from Ziba
Shimei Curses David and His Men
The Advice of Ahithophel
The Death of Ahithophel
The Death of Absalom
David Learns of Absalom's Death
David Goes Back to Jerusalem
Sheba's Rebellion
The Gibeonites Demand Revenge
Israel Engages in Various Battles with the Philistines
David Sings to the Lord
David's Final Words
David's Warriors
David Displeases the Lord by Taking a Census
David Acquires a Threshing Floor and Constructs an Altar There

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